The playlists

The launch of my music consultancy HumanPlaylistr supersedes this!

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All of my public playlists are available on Spotify. You should be able to access them via the app or web browser.

If you want to cut to the chase and view all the playlists at once, click here for my public Spotify profile and playlists. I hope you enjoy my selections. Music is incredibly subjective so save the tracks you like and don’t bother with the ones you don’t like.

There are currently, as of 11th September 2019, 569 tracks to choose from, with a total runtime of ⏱ 39h 19m. I’ve got a further 278 songs saved in my Liked Songs which await categorisation. I like Spotify.

The playlists lend themselves to playing in shuffle mode. They aren’t in any particular order and, in fact, Spotify’s shuffle function is semi-intelligent and does a reasonable job of sequencing tracks. It isn’t as random as you might expect.

I’ve also picked three of my favourite tracks from each playlist which should also give you an easy way in to the very long playlists. The first playlist is all my favourites in one place. It’s a good place to start.

The playlists are as follows.

Summary: All my favourites in one place

  • Why so called: Easy introduction, contains 3 favourite tracks from each of my playlists as linked below. A Greatest Hits compilation.
  • Number of tracks: 34, ⏱ 2h 13m
  • Direct link: Click here

The Late Session

The Bar By Day

The Bar By Evening

Luxury Evening

On The Road

I Know That Sample

The Concert Hall

Throw Some Shapes

*I’m a terrible dancer.



A Big Day